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DevRel is as Clear as Mud

A long list of developer relations thought leaders, content, resources, and more to get you started in learning DevRel.
Tessa Kriesel 1 min read
DevRel is as Clear as Mud
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Thanks to some great contributors, Wikipedia has a pretty solid definition of Developer Relations. I'm thankful to be a footnote there myself. As you dive into better understanding developer relations, you'll realize that not all programs are identical. There are tactics and methods that many industry leaders have proven, but it's always going to vary from company to company and program to program.

DevRel is an umbrella term covering the strategies and tactics for building and nurturing a community of mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and developers (e.g., software developers) as the primary users, and often influencers on purchases, of a product.
— Developer Relations, Wikipedia

Developer Relations functions & programs are what you make them. There are likely many programs that resemble others, but no program is exactly the same.

DevRel is as clear as mud to teach.

So, to get you started, let's dive into some great DevRel resources and content I've enjoyed ⤵️

Learn More About Developer Relations


Top 100 Influencers in DevRel

DevRel Peeps Twitter List


DevRel Weekly

Developer Avocados





DevRel Collective


DevRelX Slack

Developer Marketing Slack



DevRel Con

DevRelX Summit

DevRel Experience


DevRel Resources

Developer Relations: How to Build & Grow a Successful Developer Community

Developer Marketing Does Not Exist

The Business Value of Developer Relations

Ask Your Developer

Developer Marketing + Relations

Docs for Developers

Getting Started in Developer Relations

Bonus: Superfans

Have something to add to the list? Use the comments below ⤵️ or send them my way.
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Tessa Kriesel 1 min read

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