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Hey hey! 👋 I'm flattered that you're interested in talking to me. Like you, I have a lot to learn myself. However, I've learned much in my career and love sharing what I know. Maybe I can help you with your developer relations career or program.

How We Connect

My time is limited, like many of us who work in DevRel. So I have a process and workflow for everything. I leverage a nifty platform called ZipMessage to engage with folks. This way, I don't forget about you in a Twitter DM somewhere. I'm good at doing that. ZipMessage will allow us to communicate back and forth via text, audio, video, or screen recordings. You can contact me when you're free, and I can reply when I'm free. It's slick.

If you prefer a live conversation at a scheduled time, you can book a prepaid Zoom call instead. You will get 45 minutes of live conversation, a recording of our call, and a follow-up email filled with commentary, links, & resources we discussed.

My Pricing

My rate is $65 per 15 minutes. I will invoice you for the time spent via our ZipMessage communications.  If you're unemployed and need network support, please reach out free of charge, and I will do my best to help you.

Getting Started

Send me a message via ZipMessage and we can get started. You won't be invoiced until we agree to work on things together!

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