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Save Your Butt From Getting Cut

Tips for communicating your DevRel worth & impact to save your butt from future staffing cuts.
Tessa Kriesel 4 min read
Save Your Butt From Getting Cut
Photo by charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

The current economy is not excellent. And honestly, the tips I will share may not even be enough to save any of us right now. However, I've learned that there are a variety of things that you need to do in a DevRel position to ensure your role & team are safe. Why? Because DevRel is still incredibly misunderstood, and often by the very person who decides to bring the role into the company. We need Executives & leaders to see the value you or your team is creating. DevRel metrics are no more complicated than marketing metrics. Everything we do can be tracked somehow, but it requires creativity and discipline to continually consider how you'll track the impact on every deliverable.

Tips For Finding DevRel Success

  • Track every deliverable
  • Report your impact — become data-driven
  • Schedule recurring stakeholder 1:1's
  • Send regular communications within the company
  • Stay focused on your priorities
  • Set goals and leverage them to say no
  • Track your influence across the company
  • Be transparent and leverage tools to do so
  • Setup automated reporting dashboards
  • Bonus: Create a playbook

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