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DevRel Day in the Life 01.05.2024

That Conference prep & thread, Decoding DevX episode on prioritization, DevRel X/Twitter space recording, Q4 self-review, finished up this weeks loose ends!
Tessa Kriesel 2 min read

Today was about resolving the weeks loose ends, like emails, messages, scheduling meetings for a Q1 event, etc. I had a personal appointment this morning, so that was a nice break in my morning.

That Conference

I had a meeting about That Conference and how to take advantage of its greatness. I also wrote this Twitter thread on That Conference, and how to take advantage of attending, in case that applies to you.

Decoding DevX

This afternoon we went live on Decoding DevX, it was PJ Metz and I and we had a good conversation about prioritization in DevRel and how educational lesson plan frameworks can be incredibly valuable in DevRel.

Decoding Devx - Planning & Prioritizing Your Work | LinkedIn
This week on Decoding DevX, we will talk about how to stay focused in DevRel by planning and prioritizing your work. Specifically - determining what to prioritize as you plan, evaluating what your devs do and do not know, and taking a lesson planning approach to product and pipeline growth.

DevRel Twitter Space Recording

On Decoding DevX today we referenced a Twitter Space we did on Wednesday on developer relations where Kelsey Hightower stopped by and dropped some great knowledge bombs. Check it out. ⤵️


Q4 Self-Review

The other thing I did today was my self-review for Q4 2023. As a manager, I love people that do self-reviews. It helps highlight areas of work that I may have missed or didn't celebrate enough. I also appreciate hearing how they felt they did. There is a lot of action I can take from hearing their side—mentorship, praise, help towards growth, etc.

Played with Cows

Oh, and I also played with my cows after work. That was the best part of my day. 🐮

How was your week?!

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